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About us

KOMETA is a small business where we make a huge effort to find the highest quality and interesting specialty coffee from around the world. We want to know the history of the coffees we buy – where it comes from, who grew it and how it was processed. We want to know this story because it tells us how to roast it so you can find it in the taste. We want to know it because we have tremendous respect for the work it takes to reach us. We want to know it simply because we love interesting stories.

It all starts with the farming …

Coffee is an evergreen shrub from the tropical and subtropical zones. The highest quality coffee is associated with the Arabica variety and grows at altitudes above 1500m. The microclimate at such height helps to slow the ripening of the fruit and thus to the development of a very rich and complex taste profiles.

The ripening of the fruit takes about 9 months, but the fruits of one tree do not ripen at the same time, which is why the highest quality coffees are harvested only by hand and subsequently sorted further. Only fully ripe fruits produce coffee with a sweet and rich taste.

Such coffees are difficult to grow and rare, nevertheless it’s exactly what we are looking for.

Сортиране на кафе в Ел Салвадор

… continues with processing …

Once the fruits are harvested they must be processed. The two most popular processing methods are dry (natural) and wet. In the dry method, the pulp is not removed before drying and in the wet method it is removed by “washing” with running water.

Regardless of the processing method, it is of great importance for high quality coffee not to be dried directly on the ground. Very often, the so-called African beds (pictured) are used for drying, which contribute to better air circulation and lower temperature amplitude during the day.

We only work with farmers who follow the best practices for processing specialty coffee.

… and roasting

We are looking for coffees with clean, fresh and unique taste profiles, we choose them only after careful tasting, among many other specialty coffees.

Next comes our favorite part – roasting it. For each coffee, we look for the optimal roasting profile that best reveals its potential. We roast the coffee light not only to emphasize its unique character, but also out of respect for the labor required to grow it – we do not want to turn it into another bitter coffee that tastes like … “coffee”. Roasting high quality coffee requires precision, so we use a small roasting machine that allows us to be very flexible in the roasting process connected to a control software, which helps us to ensure consistent quality.

Every batch we roast is tasted and if necessary the profiles are adjusted to make sure we get the best out of every coffee at any moment.

Дегустация на кафе